Louie Giglio’s Indescribable Dvd

September 9, 2007

This morning in Sunday School we played  Louie Giglio’s “Indescribable” dvd. I highly recommend it to anyone.  Always brings tears to my eyes. The follow up dvd is even better titled “How Great Is Our God”.  If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas or birthday gifts these are perfect.    You can watch these over and over again. Go to http://268generation.com to order them.  If you’ve seen either of these 2 videos I would love to hear what you thought of them!  Here are some excerpts from “Indescribable”


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79 Responses to “Louie Giglio’s Indescribable Dvd”

  1. nlblount Says:

    Wow, those thoughts are so hard to fathom or comprehend. More of Him, less of me, He is so big and so powerful. Thanks for sharing…

    • MARIUS Says:


      • I watched the video today and want to purchase a set of the DVDs. I feel all the earth should get the chance to know the contents of this message of God and Jesus Christ and of Heaven and Earth. And the Love Christ have for us all.
        Jonh 17: 1-26.

        How do I Purchase?

  2. anton human Says:


  3. Julie Berkel Says:

    I would like to know how I can get the DVD ‘”Indescribable” I watched it and found it to be profound, and would like to share it with others.
    In God’s grace, Julie Berkel

  4. Jim Young Says:

    I would like to share this DVD with friends. Please tell me where I can purchase it. It was a life changing experience because I know that God is even greater than we can ever describe, but I believe that it has to be the best that can be done. I will be waiting to hear where I can purchase this powerful presentation of “Indescribable”. Thanks

  5. Becky Makalani Says:

    Oh My!
    we have a prayer meeting every Tuesday at work and today we watched Indescribable, . The spleandour of God, His Might, His Hugeness, How big He is, How so great, How so extra extravagant, it can blow your mind.
    I now can say I stand in awe of God” with real understanding and real meaning to the words. How great and awesome is My God. I cannot ever Fathom. and Indescribable onlt tells a bit of what is out There.
    Isaiah said: Who is man that you are minful of Him” Yeah! who am i?

    Thank you for this DVD.

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  7. Terry Rosen Says:

    Hi, I am a leader in a small group and I showed this DVD Indescribable to
    all of my small group and they besides myself were “blown away”. Where
    may I pick up this DVD for 4 that have requested it. Please email me. Thankyou. In Christ Alone, Terry

  8. franck Musanganya Says:

    Ooooh how powerful is our JESUS !!!!, Louie thank u so much for your presentation and i have found another way of worshiping our ALMIGHT God . i’m a young man from Africa in Rwanda and i think that this DVD will change many lives of my brothers and sesters.BE BLESSED in Jesus Christ.

    Franck M.

  9. malcolm fritz Says:

    Thanx Louie for confirming my thoughts all along on how Big and mighty God really is.We need to have you in beautiful Cape Town South Africa which God also created.Please think about it.

  10. Chris Says:

    Hi Louie thanx for that awesome dvd…it really changed my life and thoughts. Im 15 years old and watched it at a camp this weekend..and the feeling was Indescribabel,we all got goosebumps as we watched!Tahnx again..God Bless

  11. Karina Lopez Says:

    WOW Talking about being GREAt. Thank you for Loui
    That really changed my life I am about to share it with family and friends they got to know how big our God is, all my nation Guatemala have to know Him.

  12. Danie Says:

    I am from South Africa. Can you please supply me with the email adress of LOUIE GIGLIO. Thanks.

  13. norris aitken Says:

    i have the DVD “Indescribable” but i understand there are other dvds along similar views. Please advise where i can obtain same in new zealand. thank you

  14. Sally M Says:

    Totally captivating! It’s making its way from house to house, my dad borrowed it and I’m having a hard time getting it back! So, I will be ordering at least one more. We have a christian cafe’, we’ve shown there, at an all night prayer meeting, now one of our university students is arranging to show it on campus! Praise the Lord, thank you Louie and team.

  15. David Says:

    I need Portuguese Subtitles, so then I’d be able to share it here in Brazil, does anyone knows if it contains Portuguese Subtitles?

  16. Janie Says:

    I saw the video last night. Totally amazing!

  17. Lourens Says:

    The DVD was,,,was like,,,,like,,,,INDESCRIBABLE!!!

  18. Phillip Says:

    Your DVD was awesome. It’s so cool how you brought in a concept that anyone can understand that we are but a speck of dust, truly INDESCRIBABLE.

  19. Sugan Says:

    I love this dvd and the ffg up “how great is our god” and would like to share this dvd’s with my family and friends in South Africa.

  20. Aisake (Isaac) Kora Says:

    The DVD shows the splendour, the majestic, the Glory and the Power of the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. He is truly an amazing GOD.We are so graciously blessed that he cares for us even though we are just speck of dust in the Universe. The size of the earth made just right for us to inhabit, if made bigger or smaller we will not be able to survive in it. God indeed is AWESOME. Thank you, will share the DVD with friends at work and families in Fiji.

  21. Tony Hughes Says:

    Indescribable – What an apt name for a DVD. Absolutley incredible work. Thought provoking, heart provoking – Awesome. Who can watch this and deny God? Then, “How Great is our God?” what an absolutley brilliant follow up, even better if that were possible. God Bless you Louie! this material will change lives.

  22. Cindy Hammed Says:

    My husband and I saw the Indescribable video at a church that we were visiting… we were both moved to tears and came straight home and searched online and found the video and bought it. We showed it at our church tonight and were moved to tears all over again…. anyone who hasn’t seen it…..SHOULD!!!! Praise GOD!!!! Thank you!!

  23. Gary Jenkins Says:

    I just saw your DVD and would like for you to tell me where to contact you at. It is a great tool to reach out with.

  24. Ben Says:

    Thank God for Louie. Yes, We’re are really small. Really, really small and this God is so BIG and yet so small that He lives inside of us.We were both moved to tears as we watched and all we could think of is “How great is our God”

  25. myron wilson Says:

    what amazing to me is as small as i am in the universe he counts the hairs on my head. David said it best When i consider your heavens the work of your fingers,the moon the stars which you have set in place ,what is man that you are mindful of him,the son of man that you care for him?You made him a little lowerthan the heavently beings and crowned him with glory and honor.You made him ruler over the works of your hands, you put everything under his feet.But the fact yhat he loved me so much that he went to the cross for me that is my indescribable tour. love ya Louie

  26. Aly Says:

    We watched this DVD at our church retreat this past weekend and it blew me away. So much that I came home and immediately bought it for myself. It is such a powerful thought, that we are actually small compared to everything else. I never would have thought, until I watched this and suddenly I feel like a speck of dust. Louie is an amazing speaker!

  27. Jessica Says:

    This DVD, and the “How Great Is Our God” DVD changed my life forever. We watched it for a church sermon this past weekend, and it brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think I have ever been so moved by a speaker in my life. This is truly an amazing DVD with an even more incredible message.

  28. Kaiviti Says:

    i just watched the video ‘indescribable’ by louie giglio, i was blown away by the awesome revelation that GOD IS SO GREAT & AWESOME! and i am but like a speck of dust in a speck of dust….it made me relook at my whole life and has given me a new perspective, a new outlook in the grand order and picture of things. I now UNDERSTAND with such profoundness, where i stand in the Lord’s Universe…..who am i that HE should be mindful of a speck of dust in a speck of dust….ALL GLORY, HONOUR, POWER, MAJESTY BE TO OUR GOD FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!

  29. Teresa Says:

    Awesome, Amaizing, INDESCRIBABLE…How great is our GOD!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us!!

    South Africa

  30. Brenda Says:

    I am so glad that I know the truth. I don’t have to believe all the Louie Giglio’s jibberish. That guy need to step back and take a real good look at himself. He needs to evangelize himself first. Take the plank out of his eye, before looking at the splinkter in his neighbor’s eye.

    What a hypocrite!

  31. Nonhlanhla Says:

    This is so amazing.I’m in South Africa and am so moved by this.This has change the way I see God.It’s change my prayer time.I’m in awe.Thanks Loui.

  32. Ron Says:

    This video just blew me away! I still cannot fathom how big God is and really, really small I am. And yet, God cares for me!

  33. jon Says:

    This video is indeed INDESCRIBABLE!!! I watched it with my wife and it changed my worship more and more. ANd my life, too! I will be showing it to the church and we are very excited to show it. Thanks to Bro. Reanar Cortez who shared these to me!

  34. Catherine Says:

    We watched this video at church tonight. I am so amazed on God’s astronomical grace. God is indeed indescribable! He is so big that I feel so small but the truth is He cares for me so much! I love HIM!

  35. Linda W. Haskins Says:

    A church friend shared the “How Great Is Our God” Dvd with me and others. As I watched it, I was totaly moved by what I saw. Like many of the others who saw the Dvd, I felt tears swell up in my eyes as I felt the size and space I occupied in this universe. This Dvd is excellent and really puts things into perspective. Our God is awsome and wonderful. I love Him so much because of His love for us. You just cannot beat God’s love and His creativity and imagination. Thank you so much for this Dvd. I am telling everyone who will listen about your wonderful sermon on God’s greatness. It is a blessing to read God’s Word…Jesus is the way…there is no other…!

    Linda in Farmville, VA

  36. Casper Says:

    I love Jesus EXTREMELY, maybe it is a good idea to let GOD deside which way to go, after all im so small and GOD is so BIG!!! I love these DVDs and highly recomend to anyone, they are awsome series.

  37. Antoinette Lopes Says:

    I watched Indescribable tonight and it had such an impact on me. I’m astounded. And that last image brought tears to my eyes and an overwhelming feeling in my heart and my psyche. My plan is to order several DVD’s to give as gifts. The insight I gained tonight is a gift I will forever cherish. I’m captivated, and that’s putting it mildly.

  38. brook Says:

    I watched the Indescribable one, AMAZING!!!! it just gos to show us that our God IS INDESCRIBABLE Louie Giglio really helps show us what an Amazing God we serve. I recomend it to everyone!

  39. Gcobani Jombile Says:

    Oh might word!After I watched the dvd,I was speechless.I’m a student at Rhodes University,Grahamstown South Africa and attend River of Life Ministries (Assembly of God).In our cell,we had a movie night and we were going to watch ‘Indescribable’.I couldn’t make it.But one Sunday at church they showed it.I saw it at the perfect time in my life.It is so humbling!I immediately thought that I needed to make other people see it too.I went home for vac,and my younger brother was also home from boarding school and guess what he had bought me?I have started spreading these dvd to people in my church back home.Tonight I just saw the ‘Hope’ dvd,couldn’t stop crying.I saw needed to hear that.Louie is a legend and I can’t even describe the God he serves.A couple of weeks ago,Louie was here in SA, and my friends went and were blessed.

    Final verdict: gobsmacking!

  40. Jessica Hogge Says:

    We had a 3G (third generation) night at my school. This so incredibly, awsomely, cool, realistic dvd played, it was called indescribable, not one person in the whole had a dry eye. GOD ROCKS BIG TIME!!!!!

  41. Jessica Hogge Says:

    P.S. where can I get a copy? And all you Christians out there…. Keep on keeping on. All new Christians, start growing. To everyone GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. juvy Says:

    that was really an AMAZING thought!!!.. I would like to share this DVD with friends too…..

  43. ateca Says:

    Both dvd’s brought tears to my eyes….such awesome presentation and HE IS ABSOLUTELY AN ALMIGHTY,ALL POWERFUL,ALL KNOWING GOD!!!!
    It has really helped my faith walk to really come to terms with the fact that my problems are so insignificant compared to who he really is….its a must to watch..it will blow your mind away!!!!GOD BLESS your ministry Louie..

  44. carlene de Jongh Says:

    just makes you think and realise that we percieve god in a light that is so small!!!!!!
    he is awesome and bigger rthan we can ever imagine and everyday in our lives we learn of his awesome wonder how he works!!!!!!!
    just watched the (hope- when life hurts most)
    to this awesome god of ours!!!!!!!!

  45. selevasio kora Says:

    the dvd is beyon words man………..

    i don’t know what to say…….

    its just amazing

  46. Rach Says:

    if it wasn’t for my job, i wouldn’t have watched this dvd. this inspires me to just LOVE Him with all my being. He deserves my whole-hearted worship. He drives me crazy.. this astronomical LOVE.

    I can’t write enough songs to tell of His greatness.
    Glory to the highest.
    From Hong Kong.
    see you soon Louie.. since you are coming to hk soon =)

  47. Hsalwe Says:

    Off all concerns, it’s so moving! After watching it, I simply feel inclined to share others. You know, I can make sure that I’m nothing but a fool. Besides, It’s one of the best ways to share something about God and His great love to those who don’t really know our Can-Do-All-Thing God.
    May God smile on you.
    Thanks for your sharing!

  48. james lee Says:

    i haven’t seen the dvd.. can’t wait to watch it.

  49. Logan Says:

    i watched the dvd at my church lock-in, and it brought tears to my eyes, i recomend it to everyone

  50. angelique Says:

    i love his indescribable movie it just shows as again how amaizing God is.

    i hope that every body will think of him this christmas and not just this day but every day.
    and how amaizing he is

    God’s great

  51. leslie hiscock Says:

    totally awsome,but how can we expect anything less from our almighty savior. truely an outstanding way of making Gods greatness known to the world.

  52. Charles Ouma Says:

    I am a student at Africa Nazarene University(Kenya), I think this is the right message for our university, I have watched indescribable a number of times and every time I sit to watch it, it comes to me as a revelation, every time it encourages me to know that he has taken me far and he is not planning to leave me any time soon, and now is the time to share it with the fellow students in campus I hope God will use Louie to reach many who are not saved and are still doubting the Lord. God bless you Louie.

  53. mae christine Says:

    i really love it…i cried during our film showing in our school avr…

    I LOVE U LORD!!!

  54. candice Says:

    Louie Giglio

    i watched ” indescribable” for the fist time yesterday, i am a saved christan , an active church member, i have a burning spirit for god and i would just like to thank you for putting the world strainght with just hw small we are and how great is our god! idrove to work this morning as i saw a mountain for the fist time, i had never seen gods work this perfect,i have decided that we are a little pea sized ball rolling around somehwere out there, one part of me wants to scream with all the might in the world out of fear that i am hangin on nothing, and on the other hand, i am screaming because god is up there and nothing in this world can shake me from the hand of god. Thank you so much for an inspirational dvd that has changed my life forever and i will continue to try to walk as god did on earth, i will never think that this life is about me again, it certainly isnt!

  55. Dean Says:

    WOW, i have watched at least 5 times and every time tears come to my eyes. I feel this way because God’s word seems so much more important and real to me now that i have a bigger picture of how big our God is. In his word, the Bible, he makes promises to us that only HE can fulfill in our lives. God is awsome and I love him as He loved me 1st. Praise his holy name!! God Bless you Louie for such anointed work.

  56. Ronewa Says:

    Amazing and so much we know that we did not know then. Our God is great, more than great! Or may I say Indescribable. Ronewa from South Africa- +27799944962

  57. Joel Says:

    how else could He be describle apart from being indescriblable…with the expanse of the universe, a tiny speck was among billions where i found my home call the earth…there is no way possible to spot that speck in the expanse of the entire universe…and so amazingly God the creator of all, Choose to come and live in that speck because that speck was in His heart though spotless in His universe…nothing more than His love drive Him to us and for us he shows it on the cross…”love so amazing so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all. I love you God…..Joel Duvu from Fiji…

  58. Joel Says:


  59. Grace Says:

    Hi we have started a girls minestries groop on our school and are planning a confress at the end of the jere. we would apriciate it if yoe praid with us !!! God bless !!!!

  60. art.laureano Says:

    its amazing to see the power of GOD how great thow art, to GOD be all the glory for ever and ever “wow”

  61. EDWARD Says:

    Please asking for pray for a friend that i am giving this dvd too, to be saved and brought back to JESUS. Thank you Jesus for everything, You are truly INDESCRIBABLE.

  62. ccholai Says:

    watched it this morning…before coming to work..still in awe :-) Had to put up my Facebook book stat…
    as follows:
    For we are just a mere speck,a dot in His great creation,He knws each&every1 of us by name&face&wants2hav a personal relationship wit us..for we are a very significant insignificance…of which He gave His only Son 2 die for us..so that 1fine day we can see Him face2face &say thank u:-) ..Our creator&His creation is truly indescribable..

  63. Tsebo Says:

    I am eye-opened by this DVD… and my life is not the same again. Having to realize how tiny “small” little the world is compared to GOD!! Yet HIS LOVE 4 HIS children it’s INDESCRIBABLE..!! “I shall share the GOSPEL”

    Tsebo Malape(South Africa)

  64. Sierra Says:

    my youth group this past sunday watched the indescribable dvd, we’ve watched a few others of louie’s dvd’s but this one just really reached out and tugged at my heart. Lately my family has been going through some hard times, because it is evident my parents are divorcing.It has really depressed me, along with the fact that my best friend tried to committ suicide this past summer, which thankfully her plan did not fall through. But since that she has had alot of problems and I’d slipped away from God, I am saved but I had such a hard time just giving everything up to God himself. After watching Louie’s video, it helped me give it up to God, I felt like he(God) was telling me that I would be okay, but I needed to trust him. I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I know there are probably many more people with more intriguing news about Christ but I wanted to share my story with everyone. I love Christ with all of my heart, and have no doubt that he’s always gonna be there. After all the cross and laminin holds us together,
    God Bless, Sierra

  65. Neels Naudè Says:

    I’m from South Africa, and I want to contack Loui Giglio, can you sen me his e-mail adress pls.

  66. debi archuleta Says:

    Dear Pastor Giglio:
    I am writing to tell you how much your videos have changed my life. I am 45 years old and am a new Christian, partly due to your wonderful videos, and the other part is due to Dollhouse Ministries. Thank you for all your wonderful gifts you give to the world!
    The other part of this letter is to ask you for a small donation to Dollhouse Ministries. I grew up in a very abusive home. My father was an alcoholic and would beat my mother, sister and me pretty every day of my life up until I was about 12 + years old. One night my dad broke of the dining room table leg and beat my mom in the head with it past the point of unconsciousness. I was too weak and small to pull him off, so I stabbed him to make him stop. I proceeded to drag my mom to the car and attempted to drive her to the hospital. Shortly after getting on the main road I was pulled over, as had never drove anything before. They sent me to jail and called an ambulance for my mom. I had no concept of what an ambulance was till that night. After 4 months in jail the courts emancipated me from my home.
    I am sharing this story with you because I wanted to let you know that some people’s Christian walks are more horrendous than others. If it wasn’t for Dollhouse Ministries I would have fallen into the same type of life I lived most of my life.
    I really would like can visit their website and see all the wondrous things they do for women who have been incarcerated. The website address is: http://www.dollhouseministries.org/ Please take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and check it out. I am volunteering For Maggie, as my life is joyous and happy and new. Maggie has really helped me in my Christian walk. No words can come close to expressing what I feel. I pray that God puts on your heart to donating a small amount to this wonderful ministry.
    Thank you for taking the time read my love as well as the wonderful videos you’ve made for us all. God Bless,
    Debi Archuleta

  67. kayla Says:

    he is soo amazing and so right.
    God is amazing. You can’t even comprehend what he has done for us to see, and to explore or anything. praise be to God! in bible class we had to find arguments for evidence of God and one of the ones i found was the teleological argument. this is the argument saying there is such design in this world that there must have been a divine creator. and this video proves it. it really truly proves it.

  68. Kelsey Peters Says:

    ohmygosh. i watched indescribable and i can’t even describe it. it was amazing and i almost cried. and i dont cry. But i put it in the other night for background noise to go to sleep to and let’s just say there was no sleeping going on through the whole the. it was just too astonishing.

  69. Debbie McCarthy Says:

    Can you supply Louie Giglio’s email address or how I may obtain it?

  70. A-M Pretorius Says:

    How great is GOD! It is indescribable.

  71. A-M Pretorius Says:

    GOD is indescribable GREAT!

  72. nidal Says:

    you know Louie
    When I see your DVD I cry for three reasons
    1- I believe that ALLAH(God) is great when you describe him and when I see the galactic he mad I feel great and know that ALLAH
    is 100% do it all
    2-That you as Crestline and me as Muslim is so close in one exception that ALLAH is so great that he has not any son or anyone to help so there is no son of ALLAH (god)
    3- I crying for myself that you is so close to right road to ALLAH and we not doing anything to show ISLAME(latest version of ALLAH books) to all of you people
    We respect all Crestline people we come from same father and ALLAH want us the best and the truth

    he send for Jewish and they make modification to his book(ultimate crime) so he send profit jesses and Jewish do the same (modification of ALLAH worlds) finally he send MOHAMMED the final option to humanity this time no book is send to him written but by reading alone and ALLAH grantee the safety until the end of earth life

    pleas call me at 00962797024385

  73. Aaron Says:

    Gross. What an abuse of science and the Bible. Wonder and awe at the natural world can bring me to tears, but Louie is just typically saccrine emotional manipulation. :(

  74. Imre Gulyas Says:

    This is so awesome a must see.

  75. Kaylee Says:

    I would just like to say that I absolutely love Louie Giglio. I am a deeply committed Christian but I have been through a lot of bumps on this road called life. As I got farther from God, I would go to youth group and church in a lot of pain. Then I watched louie’s series. I am only 16 years old and I love God more than anything in this world. And I am not ashamed to say it! I love God!!! :) <3 thank you Louie for giving me faith and hope. God bless you and I pray you keep working your magic! :)

  76. Gavin Says:

    We showed it at Church today to the k-RAD kick off . Well they just sat there …40 minutes or so…did not miss a thing..soaked it all in…They know God loves them

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