…in Him all things hold together

June 20, 2007

I was able to see a great dvd of Louie Giglio preaching during the Chris Tomlin “How Great  is Our God Tour” and he talks about the cell adhesion protein molecule “laminin”.  It’s the “glue” that holds our cells together. When he puts this picture up on the big screen the crowd just claps and cheers when they see it.  The pic on the left is the scientific diagram and the one on the right is the actual molecule under an electron microscope. The stuff that holds our bodies together is in the shape of the cross!  He quotes the verse Colossians 1:17 “He (Christ) is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.” 


Another pic that he uses is the picture of the middle of the Whirlpool galaxy that is 31 million light years away.  This image was captured by the Hubble telescope. God’s glory imprinted in the cosmos!


Click on the pictures for a bigger pic.

Amazing, huh.  Go to 268generation.com to order the video. We worship a huge God. Psalm 33:6 “By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host (stars).”

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121 Responses to “…in Him all things hold together”

  1. Ron I love it. When did all this research come out? This is the first time that I saw this picture of the glue that holds our cells together. I agree totally that Christ holds everything together. I know for sure that some days without Him holding me together I would definetely come undone. Allow Him to hold you during the trials man. Depend on Him, nothing else will work. You the man buddy. Keep drinking deep, His love is evident in your life.

  2. Wow- That video was powerful. It brought tears to my eyes. Man you have to show that video. I think I am going to be ordering it at some point for my personal collection.

  3. jeremy sugden Says:

    all i can say is “WOW.” that video gave me a bigger picture of how big our God is. it’s amazing how God created everything. c ya later

  4. courtyard Says:

    Fantastic video.



  5. Madeleine Streicher Says:

    We saw both of Louie’s DVDs. After “Indescribible” I was speechless for about a week when I wanted to pray – I just couldn’t think of anything significant to say except “God, you are awesome!” Then we saw “How Great is our God” and when I saw laminin I felt like a jumping jack! It was amazing. Thank you Louie for going through all the effort of bringing the wonder of God from one extreme to the other and sharing it with the world!!

    May God bless you!

  6. M.Sparks Says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! While watching this How Great Is Our God, when Louie talked about the cells of our mother and father, I cried from then until it was over. We are certainly fearfully and wonderfully made. The crosses in laminin stay in my mind all the time and when I see other people, I can see the crosses in them, too. Thank you for showing us more of our God.

  7. Double "L" (Lord Lover) Says:

    I`m a fith grader 11yr old and we watched a talk show at my Christian School and my class just went NUTS when they saw the laminin (I don`t know how to spell it) and the cosmo picture. I started tearing up I was sooooo overwhelmed! I thought it was just hands down proof about how God is real and He made EVERYTHING. I also noticed in the cosmo pic. That you can actually see Jesus` sillowet on the cross! I was blown away by that. I think ALL the evelutionists should see this. It`s truely amazing…And it is once again proof that God made us and we WERE NOT formed from molucules forming over time. And I actually don`t think the Earth is 100MILLION or Billion years old. My teacher thinks it`s one a couple thousand (Ex. About 9,00) But only God knows. And I just praise him for His knowledge and great mericful power. He`s truely amazing.. And when Louie was talking about how Fearfully anf Wonderfully we are made I heard my teacher agggreeing..And I myself aggreed too. I really do pray and ask God that this video will be shown more publically. and if people say they`re offended well I speak for all the Christians when I reply that we`re all offended because we aren`t freely allowed to preach about our merciful and wonderful God!

    Thank you for posting this..And we are truely fearfully and wonderfully made

  8. Cameron Martin Says:

    I just saw “How Great is Our God” with my home church last night after our end of year dinner. It has totally blown my mind. I will never again presume to tell GOD (whose name I used to spell “God”, but that doesn’t cut it anymore) what to do. (Mind you, I will also never again sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”!) When I finally got to sleep all that was going through my head was; golf balls, a 4.5m ball, 6 Empire State Buildings, Mt Everest, & a very huge feeling of being sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small in this universe, yet soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loved by a GOD who is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo absolutely, AWESOMELY OFF THE HOOK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! HE is so out there & yet now, in a more special way than ever, HE is soooo(x10 to the power of infinity) in us all. HE is our all in all. Since yours is the first website I got to since seeing this DVD I am going to honour both GOD & you by copying this & spreading it around to all my friends. I see JESUS (whose name I used to spell “Jesus”, but that doesn’t cut it anymore either!) in you. As I will every other person in the planet from now on. ***Note to self*** Do not laugh out loud at Atheists. Must have respect for those who do not know any better. God made them too. Love ya Bro.

  9. Connie Brady Says:

    This was the most awesome video DVD I have ever seen. Everyone should see this. It really puts things into perspective.
    Thanks for including the DVD in the Chris Tomlin CD which is also awesome.

  10. Johann Says:

    I do agree it’s awesome, but it makes me wonder why after a dvd or imagary of how Great our GOD is must we then believe or come to perspective.. It hurts deep down that our faith isn’t strong enough to endure from the begining and so we drift away.. Hopefully everybody can make a decision to honour God and be part of him, because I ain’t doing nothing no more without Him in my thoughts.
    Thanx for everyone who are proud enough to post a good word for Our Awesome God. Thank the Lord :-)

  11. Christian Says:

    Dude this stuff is TIGHT, Man i am only 11 years old yet this stuff blows my mind. I’ve seen the “How Great is Our God” movie twice and it is just so awesome. By the way does this site have the actual vid. “How Great is Our God”???!!!!

  12. Glenn Stone Says:

    We surely have an amazing God!! These two DVD’s ‘Indescribable’ & ‘How great is our God’ are absolutely breathtaking. The human mind surely cannot comprehend the extent & magnitude of our God’s creation. All we can do is go WOOOOOW! & just soak it all in. I am so proud to be His child. I’m sure it will take more than eternity to explore all he has for us. Who knows in eternity we could become custodians/guardians of our own private star or galaxy. Wouldn’t that be scary, yet so awesome? What amazes me even more is when David said ‘What is man that you are so mindful of Him?’, that this same God would send his only Son down this insignificant speck of dust to die for an even more microscopic specimen of creation called a human being and yet that same little specimen who has an even smaller organ called the brain rises to challenge His divine existence & authority. Personally I want my even smaller pea brain (that’s how He sees it!) to glorify my lord & Creator.


  13. neriah and renee collins Says:

    renee and neriah says~ this was so amazing, absolutly believe that jeses himself is holding us together. how much more proof do u need. the feeling i got from watching this alone, made me have no doubt what so ever. u can really feel him pulsing through your viens. no better truth has been spoken

  14. jiji timaan Says:

    i’ve seen the video last night and it was a very rare experience to actually see God in all HIS Enormosity… i can’t help but cry for i was a very inferior, demanding, selfish human being who thinks that my life is nothing but a speck of dust… indeed it is! but thinking that i dont matter is such a very grave understatement because the ONE TRUE BEING who loves me the most and who fearfully and wonderfully made me is THAT BIG, like who am i to ever doubt HIS GREAT LOVE towards me… Wow! I AM SO LOVED BY MY GREAT GOD! and I am so proud that I am one of HIS SPECIAL CREATIONS!


  15. Diane Hainer Says:

    I saw the video “How Great is our God” this morning at church, I never before thought about how big He is and who He actually is, I expected so much of Him and thought it was my right that as a child of His I should have what I wanted, getting angry with Him when I didn’t get my way. I have been very arrogant with Him.
    Just the enormous dimensions of the universe, made me sit back in absolute wonder. It is probably one of the few times I thought about God in an unselfish way. To think that He is so big, to be able to create not only this world, but others as well, not to mention the size of them, made me think about the power He has and the gentle way He has when He deals with us. Hopefully this will stick with me and make me appreciate Him and not take Him or my relationship with Him for granted.

  16. miem Says:

    My mind is stil to small to realy realy imagine how big our GOD is. It make me realise that jou can trust Him with all that jou have,
    Thanks for a dvd like that

  17. Beelie Says:

    Oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!
    I saw that movie at Church. It was so mind blowing, i can’t even think of words to explain. Since that movie, i’ve been telling as many people as possible and i find it extremely hurtful when people tell me it’s all a coincidence. I have been trusting in the Lord with all my heart but there was always something that made me doubt… the doubt is all gone and i now trust and love the Lord with all my heart and soul!
    A day hasn’t gone by when i don’t think about the laminin holding us together!!!

  18. Jeremiah Munton Says:

    that vidieo was amazing laminin is so cool. GOD is doing wonderfull things through louie. i have rarley seen anything that has moved me so much i wished that it could go on and on. remember if the earth were a golf ball…

  19. jessica Says:

    Gosh. This just proves how amazing our God is.

  20. Joey Carr Says:

    A collegue showed me this on his laptop, and I felt like shouting it out to all the world. I feel so totally humble yet so priviledged at knowing that I am a special creation of the Almighty God. It’s all about the cross. Praise Him.

  21. Charlene M Says:

    We watched the 1st and 2nd DVD’s of Louie Giglio and I can truely just say WOWWWW!!!!! Our God is AMAZINGGGG!!!! Ijust know that if more people could see it out there it would be great.. how about broadcasting it on the tele?

  22. Lee Smith Says:

    Since I’ve watched this dvd I’ve felt a coplete change in my life, as though something inside me just comes out like for instance today (08-02-2008) I actually helped a person who I don’t really like by helping them to carry books, I was so proud of myself afterwards! It’s all thanks to Louie and this dvd of his, it’s like these tiny crosses in my body is telling me to mean something to someone.

  23. Rita Says:

    I have seen both videos and am so humbled to know that my God loves me and He holds me together. What a comforting thought especially when everyone else is falling apart just to know that we have a great big wonderful and he holds us together with Laminin. He is indeed an amazing and risen God. We worship and adore Him and its only by his grace that we were priviledged to wath these videos. We thank God Louie for the wisdom He afforded you.

  24. Jabu Says:

    This is jabu since I saw the indescribable tour I’ve been interested in giglio presentations but after seeing the how great God is I was blown away and pleased too.God will never let go of us.Thanks your the best

  25. thembi Says:

    I saw the dvd HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD at church yesterday and all i can say is WOOOOOOW WE HAVE AN INCREDIBLE AND HUGEEEEE GOD

  26. Nic Grobbelaar Says:

    Just saw the video at home, a friend lent it to me, I saw the “indescribable” video, that was good, but this “LAMININ” stuff really blew me away, I really needed to see that. Really needed to hear that at this time of my life.

  27. Mapule Says:

    I have seen HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD. I felt num, I felt like a dot on the wall,OOOH my word, I was looost for words. It was INCREDIBLY AMAZING, it made me see things differently more especial the trials and tribulations that I go through in my life. THANK YOU LOUIE, YOU ARE TRUELY A BLESSING FROM GOD.

  28. Retshepile Says:

    Gosh!! As i’m sitting here, i just googled probably the biggest and brightest star yet discovered -[LBV 1806-20]. This God of ours takes my breathe away! He never seizes to amaze me! To think that such a powerful God could come down to earth in our form just to save us and that He delights in every detail of my life [psalm 37:23] leaves me speechless-there is no greater love than this. His love is irrevocable, His power-unlimited!

  29. sue horne Says:

    Thank You Jesus

  30. Roché Says:

    God is beyond Glorious. Let Your will be done on earth Lord!!!
    Love you

  31. Heather Says:

    all i can say is “WOW” i realy had no idea that there was a molecule called laminin! wen i saw the pictures of laminin and that they were shaped like the cross JESUS died on and that is wat holds our body together i was way overwhelmed! thank u very much im going 2 try 2 tell atleased most people i know about laminin and how HUGE GOD is!! again
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im probably going 2 tell my sience teacher about it and if he new about it. i hope, VERY hope they will start 2 believe.

  32. Daniel Says:

    God is great..He really is..I was curios about that laminin they are saying , but i was amazed when I saw the cross that symbokizes the love of God for men.God is so Wonderful and Magnificent..Glory into thy name.


    hey man i♥ your video,i watched it twice.& i’m only 12 so that shows people that god can work through every one☺

  34. Kyle Says:

    So every one of you seriously believe that this ridiculous coincidence is proof that God exists? You’re all no different from the crazy people who see Jesus in their pancakes. If you look at the actual images and not the diagram you can tell its a stretch to call that a cross. Give me a break. You nuts jump at any chance to declare any intersecting lines a symbol of Jesus. If you are true Christians don’t you think looking for symbols is a bit paganistic? Seriously if you’re trying to find proof of God in science you must be very ignorant of the field.

  35. When i saw the video in our church(Church of GOD, Dasmarinas, Philippines) i was in awe and great reverence before God. The LORD is too much to comprehend and His greatness is beyond what we could ever think and imagine.I just wanna encourage all the true believers of Christ out there to stop doubting the power of God. He said to Thomas…”Blessed are those who not yet see me and believe.”Praise GOD indeed! Praise Him forevermore!AMEN and AMEN.

  36. MARISA Says:

    If this video was not an eye opener, then I don’t know. It was absolutely AWESOME!!!!.
    It show that , if God is the building blocks of your life, you will succeed in everything you do.
    I cannot live without God, let alone breath.
    THis video is a definate must for all who wishes to be saved.

    God Bless,

  37. i thought your how great is our god was amazing thankyou

  38. we watched the “How great is our GOD” DVD last night at church. Amazing!!! Thank you for the science lesson, people forget that in most cases science proves GOD, only modern thought and closed minds don’t see that. I had never heard about Laminin, and when the pictures came on screen, I was speechless. It just proves once again that the cross was in “THE PLAN” from the very begining. Thank you for the reminder!!!

  39. annette Says:

    Just saw the Indiscribible movie at my church on Easter Sunday. So totally awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing! God bless.

  40. Graham Redman Says:

    I just cried and said “Oh my God, my God you are wonderful, awesome, thank you Jesus.” just amazing. My immediate thought was, ” why are the stars so big…easy, SO WE COULD SEE THEM!!!!!

  41. Jeremiah Munton Says:

    this is for kyle up there, and anyone else who agrees with him. this is more that just a bunch of radicals who want to “see Jesus in there pancakes” this is the most awsome thing God has shone me yet. the fact that there is a cross inside of us is increadable. this is not a coinsidence. this is the power of God. do you realy believe that any cell could look like the cross of Christ unless God had put it there. what are the chances? honestly, they are slimm to none. and what about the fact that they are the cell adhetion mollecuel? this is the protine that holds us together. God put it there so we could see him holding us together. the human body is so increadible, that there is no chance that it could happen by chance. i am not trying to force anyone to do something they are not ready for, but i felt i had to comment on this.

  42. D. E. L. Says:

    Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Animals breathe, but did not receive the breath of life from God – Spiritual life.) Genesis 2:17 (God told Adam and Eve) Of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die. 1 Corinthians 15:22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins (wrong doing), He is faithful and just to forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; But God’s gift is real life, (CPR for our Spirit) eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. John 10:10b I (Jesus) am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. 11:25 I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. 6:63 It is the spirit that gives life…

    1 Corinthians 2:14-16
    The man who isn’t (alive spiritually) a Christian can’t understand and can’t accept these thoughts from God, which the Holy Spirit teaches us. They sound foolish to him, because only those who have the Holy Spirit within them can understand what the Holy Spirit means. Others just can’t take it in. But the spiritual man has insight into everything, and that bothers and baffles the man of the world, who can’t understand Him at all. How could he? For certainly he has never been one to know the Lord’s thoughts, or to discuss them with Him, or to move the hands of God by prayer.

    2 Corinthians 4:4
    The god of this age (Satan) has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.

    Acts 26:18 (prayer)
    Lord open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in Christ.

    1 John 5:14 And this is the confidence that we have in Him (the Lord) that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us: 15 And if we know that He hears us, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him.

    2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is… not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.

  43. malinda Says:

    Hi to all my friends Jesus! I’m from S.A. and arikaans so please excuse my english. I’m very exited to see on Loui Giglio’s web he is coming to Cape Town in August.Im so greatfull to God for sending this son of His to enrich our lives with the breathtaking idiscribable riches of God.Praise be to God. After this DVD’s I sill cannot understand how people can still wonder of there is a God or not. Then Iread in Romans1:20,21 the following:
    20.For ever since the creation of the world His invisible nature and attributes,that is, His eternal power and divinity, has been made intelligible and clearly discerniblein and through the things that have been made(His handiwork). So [men]are without excuse[altogether without any defense or justification]
    21. Because when they knew and regonized Him as God,they did not honor and glorify Him as God or give Him thanks. But instead they became futile and godless in their thinking[with vain imaginings,foolish reasonings, and stupid speculations] and their senseless minds were darkened. (Amplified Bible)
    After reading this a few things fell in place and I cry in my heart for these poor people who are so blind and thank God for the priviledge of knowing Him. I pray God’s blessings for every child of His. Malinda

  44. Tarz Says:

    this is such a good video and i would recomend everyone to see it. it made me cry when the laminin and whirlpool galaxy came up. it was so overwhelming! Louie was great too. we watched it in our fortnightly bible study with all my friends and maybe 1/4 of my school and more than half the people cried and just didnt know what to say to God. it was amazing and that DVD has literatly changed my life.

  45. emma Says:

    This video, although amazing, doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Can I be honest and say that it doesn’t blow me away, but that it makes me smile with contentment. The beautiful and wonderful thing to me is reading all the ways that GOD has used this man to influence peoples lives and that the Holy Spirit then moves them to tell others. To Kyle – you think that you decided to come on this website to ridicule our LORD??! Lighter forces are at work my friend!!
    GOD moved you- to expose you to the things he wants you to become- just try to put off any true child of GOD and they will just love all over you!! Will keep you in my prayers x

  46. Pieter Says:

    What more, what more can Jesus/God do?
    I will definitely spread the message in my home-cell
    Thank you

  47. lousi Says:

    I AM SO LOVED BY MY GREAT GOD! and I am so proud that I am one of HIS SPECIAL CREATIONS if you don’t mind send me the you tobe of Everything Glorious in my e-mail so i unable to downlod it

  48. Nanette Says:

    i only saw this dvd last night and can i say that it was the most moving thing i have ever seen, it has helped me heaps to see these ‘signs’ that God has given to us…The Laminin bit made me cry; how can anyone doubt Him and His love for us?

  49. Kayla Robison Says:

    Hey…I am blesed enough to attend a great Christian school,that’s where I saw the “How Great is Our God Tour”.It was AMAZING!! I really like science, and putting it all in perspective from a scientific point of view just blew my mind! for me, this was the coolest dvd I’ve seen in a while! Isn’t it amazing to be one of 6 billion people in the world and have this awesome Lord, Creator and Savior with you 24-7?

  50. pauline cheetham Says:

    have just seen the dvd obout how big is our god wow its blown me away, Laminin is said to be a crusifix shape on many research websites how fantastic the bible is, gods own knowledge imparted upon us through our personal relationship with the lord jesus xxxx

  51. abraham s. Says:

    the videos are beautiful good job

  52. Larry m Says:

    To Kyle & anyone who has such comments. I do agree that there is too much looking for signs, wonders & miracles. After all our Savior got on His generation for seeking after signs & wonders. On the other hand He also doesn’t leave us in the dark. He is faithful to reveal himself in how He sees fit. I hope & pray all come to a knowledge of how much the Father loves us by giving Himself in His Son.

  53. Tamara Says:

    I saw ‘how great is our God’ last night for the 1st time and it completely blew my mind… i sat there in awe of how amazing God is.. I even had a tear in my eye because days and days go by without the least bit of recognition of the power God has and the beauty he created….

    all i can say is that that dvd is life changing… no doubt ;)

  54. Chris Dadisman Says:

    Quote from: Kyle
    On March 9, 2008 at 1:49 am

    So every one of you seriously believe that this ridiculous coincidence is proof that God exists? You’re all no different from the crazy people who see Jesus in their pancakes. If you look at the actual images and not the diagram you can tell its a stretch to call that a cross. Give me a break. You nuts jump at any chance to declare any intersecting lines a symbol of Jesus. If you are true Christians don’t you think looking for symbols is a bit paganistic? Seriously if you’re trying to find proof of God in science you must be very ignorant of the field.

    Believing is like seeing, and seeing wont necessarily make you believe. look at the diagram, even if it doesn’t look like a cross in every picture you have to take into account that not all the pictures were taken at the same angle. The diagram shows that it is going to look like a cross in most instances….

    I loved this video and I hope to have it shown sometime at my church. Nothing is so power an evidence than this and even if it just stopped at Laminin I would be content.

    God Bless!!!
    and may your eyes be opened to the truth!!!*!

  55. Ollie Says:

    Hmmm… there are lots of elephants in nature too… they look like the Hindu god Ganesh… does that mean Hinduism is true too?

  56. Bartlettman Says:

    @ Jeremiah Munton
    If you feel competent enough to comment on the “chances” of a particular configuration of a given molecular structure occuring naturally, surely you have some sort of degree in Molecular Biology and Combinatorical Mathematics right? No? Then shut up or show some working, or at least a credible reference.

    As for the rest of you, stop automatically believing your preachers and start thinking for yourselves. The same reasoning would see significance in every simple symbol that coincidentally appeared in nature. If you cared enough to investigate this a little you may have discovered there are things called ‘potassium channels’ that exist in the chemistry of the brain that look like a nazi swastika (if viewed from a certain angle and if you catch it at the right moment) in much the same way that laminin looks a little like a cross if you look at it the right way at just the right moment. Are we to conclude that God approves of nazis?

  57. 300baud Says:

    If you stare into the dark long enough, you will begin to see things.

  58. NMcC Says:

    Well said Bartlettman. Though it’s difficult to believe that Jeremiah Munton has any kind of educational qualification whatsoever as, if his spelling is anything to go by, he appears to be a four year old. (Yes, I know it’s bad form to point out grammatical mistakes in a post, but, boy, that is appalling!)

    As for the rest of the posters, thanks for finally convincing me that religion really does make you totally, completely, absolutely and unequivocally STUPID.

    Incidentally, the molecule in question doesn’t even look like a cross, unless it’s an especially wonky one.

  59. Midnight Rambler Says:

    All I can say is, “Poe’s Law in action”.

  60. Alcari Says:

    You realise Laminin is a floppy glycoprotein, and the arms can fold around into many configurations; a cross-shape is purely coincidental.

    Wait, of course you realise that, because you’ve all critically examined the evidence right?

  61. ♥THE LORD♥ shelby Says:

    i♥the video it ment so much to me cause with him
    all thing r possible i cryed 4 tow cay when i seen the video cause it’s amacing how god works all through u even in a video♥☺☻♥☻☺♥ OH & I’M ONLY 12


  62. Elijah Says:

    i watched that movie tonight it was so good, when it started i had this song stuck in my head and as soon as he started to talk about the Whirlpool galaxy it instently left my mind it, was wonderful and when he talked about the laminin and showed the picture i new that he has to be real.

  63. Kelly Ham Says:

    I watched this video at camp (Alpine, April 28-May 2, 2008)The first time I watched I laughed but then noticed what Lewy was talking about. God is holding all of our bodies together. I thought that was so cool. Everywhere we go God is with us and holding us together in Jesus name. So I thought it was really, really cool to watch this video at camp.

  64. Amy Ham Says:

    i love this video because it shows jesus on the cross dying for our sins

  65. Al Says:

    The video brought many things to mind about how great our God is. Louie made a great deal of sense by showing the vast expanses of space and reminded us all that the word of God tells us that all things were made by Him. I must admit though, I had a bit of skepticism about the laminin cross and the cross in the skies. However, even if these photos happened to catch a quirk it does not diminish the work of God’s hand. Thanks for the encouragement.

  66. Joshua Says:

    God gave you a mind that can be used to weed out information that is FRIVOLOUS and to concentrate on the information that is SIGNIFICANT.

    If a researcher found a molecule in the shape of a Sleigh, would it be proof of the existence of Santa Claus? Would they go head-over-heels about it? No. It would go something like this:

    “Wow, that kind of looks like a sleigh.”

    and then they would move onto something of importance.

    Please remember that critical thinking is what strengthens ideas.

    An X-Ray Santa Claus in Orion:
    The European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has discovered a huge cloud of high-temperature gas resting in a spectacular nearby star-forming region, shaped somewhat like the silhouette of Santa Claus.

  67. Sipho Says:

    Skeptis skeptics!it seems that when anything about God or Jesus comes up,everyone stars making defences!i wonder where all these people were when the Da Vinci Code was taking the world by storm!?

    God is awesome and nothing you say or do can take away the fact that He loves mankind passionately and incomprehensibly!

  68. I needed to know and hear about LAMININ. I needed to see this video; I feel like broken pottery right about now; Thank you for reminding me of such wonderful promise. Thank you JESUS for holding me together in times of despair.

  69. Mary Says:

    I LOVE LAMININ, lol lol lol, Wow what an awesome God we serve. ALL creation SCREAMS HIS NAME, Jesus Christ is LORD!!! Louie is awesome and fearfully made. LOVE IT!!!! How anointed.

  70. sts'ikel Says:

    Brilliant! Without dipping into the drudgery of the lack of scientific appreciation, it amazes me how much the two (religion and science) are viewed by society. Albeit a rather romantic sidestep, there has always been a conflict between the two in regards to social adhesion and enforced politics – so why is it that a couple of images are enough to imply God’s involvement whereas even the callousness of pier reviewing fails to ‘prove’ anything in science? Yes, laminin is one of the major ECM proteins; and yes, some trimers can be represented in such a visual manner, but I don’t feel the 700 odd million years that ECM proteins have been subject to selective evolutionary pressure can be accounted for by God. I do have faith, a great deal, but it saddens me when people of the church use science as a means of retaliation against the intrinsic nature of religion in general – that is, its questionability, its need for (often blind) faith. Although, I suppose if it pleases the masses…

  71. Jim Black Says:

    Great stuff. Check this out. Wikipedia says a lot about laminin. Here is just one:

    “Laminin is vital to making sure overall body structures hold together.”

    “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” (Col. 1:17)

  72. Annelieze Botha South Africa Says:

    God is so Amazing – WOW – AMEN!!!!!!!

  73. I have just watched louies dvd last night and I am speechless more christians need to see this!!
    Praise God for Louie and his love of Astronomy and how he shares it and tells it Excellent

  74. Katrina Says:

    I saw the “Indescribable” video and was so blown away! Not only has God placed, in every human being, the inherent knowledge of His existence, but now we can see He has gone way (and I mean waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!) beyond that! Proof at the farthest ends of the cosmos and as close as close can be……WOW!

  75. Moose Says:

    True science always corroborates the Bible.

  76. joe Says:

    the chances of that protein or anything else being shaped in any form for that matter is practically infinite.

    one of co-workers who’s so into this is practically off his socks with joy. i mean come on, is that an automatic ticket to salvation?

    nonsense really.

  77. Judy Medica Says:

    My sister passed away December 13, 2006 with cancer. She had so much faith and loved GOD so much. She also loved the song How Great Is Our God. She taughted it to her step grandson who at the time was 3 years old. When I heard of Laminin I thought about her. First I was in shock then I thought she must have known. She knew How Great Our God Is.And knowing this, it gave her the strength to fight the battle. This is just Awesome and Our GOD IS Great. Thanks so much for bringing this to us..

  78. Zack Says:

    You know, I just recently found out about laminin. Ever since then I cant stop looking it up and standing in awe of the pictures. Isn’t our God so great?! Seriously, what is the chance that an actual protein cell inside us is just like a cross. No evolutionist can disprove this, BECAUSE ITS REAL!!! Laminin holds us together physically exactly like God holds us together spiritually. Never doubt that he will be with us, we have proof, inside of us. AMEN AND PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Pete Says:

    I do not understand how you can possibly think that just because one of the many millions and millions of cells in our body is shaped like a cross you immediately jump to the conclusion that it was created by God. The fact is, that the protein is only the shape of a cross because that is what our body requires and that is how we have adapted. The fact that it is a cross shape is completely irrelevent. It is no way connected to religion, God or any other spiritual fairies. I think you should look at why the protein is the shape of a cross instead of jumping to, quite frankly, ridiculous conclusions. If it was God’s doing, why didnt he make anything else cross shaped, perhaps the planet earth for example as surely to him this is not a hard challenge.

    Before I go I recommend that everybody reads the book, “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. After you have read that book then think seriously whether you are sure on you religious ideas.

  80. Daniel Says:

    This is so pathetic. It’s a protein in the body. As Peter said above, he seems a very educated male to me, you guys are just religion fanatics that look for anything in the body that is shaped like a cross. Grow up and get a life, God isn’t real.

  81. JustMe Says:

    The cross to me is a symbol – a reminder – of what Someone did who truely loves us – unconditionally. It’s a symbol and therefore I’m not seeking it in everything around me. It rather is about the message coming from it! (i.e. Choose God, through Jesus Christ, and you’ll live – in flesh – after you’ve died; in a place called heaven, with Someone who loves you!)

    Yes, God can surely make planet earth cross shaped if he wanted to! Do you really think this will be hard doing?? Naa, I don’t think so… Just by saying a few words (so it took seconds!) stars and planets (light years away from earth) came into existence!!

    Hay… even with your body you can make a cross shape! (And through Christian understanding: in Christ we are one body)

    Why is this then to me too so amazing..? I just never actually thought about having a (body)cell looking like a cross. Come on, who would think of that!! (God would!! and did!!) The purpose of the cell is to keep everything together! And wow, that is what’s so significant!! This is exactly what God promises his people!

    And again, to me, it’s the message that count: Colossians 1 : 17 – …in Him all things hold together.

  82. Stephen Davis Says:

    First off, allow me to state for the record that I am a theist. That having been said, allow me to also state that human beings are pattern-seeking beings and we will see a structure in objects and things where none truly exist. Would it make any difference to this “debate” if I were to point out that the “Christian” cross is, in fact, an ancient EGYPTIAN

  83. Peter Says:

    “Yes, God can surely make planet earth cross shaped if he wanted to! Do you really think this will be hard doing?? Naa, I don’t think so…” This is a quote from JustMe. I think this is completely rdiculous once again from another religious nutter. Are you accusing God of being lazy or something? I mean if he can do anything and he is almighty then why doesn’t he do this. Why doesn’t he prove to all atheists that he really is there? You will obviously come up with some naive explanation along the lines of “God doesn’t need to prove himself” or “God is too busy watching over others”. If he is the greatest being then it would not be proving himself it would merely be converting everybody to the right way of life. And if he is too busy watching over everybody how can he be so great.

    Where does heaven actually exist? In middle ages we were told it was in the clouds, now we can prove that he is not, he was alleged to be in space. Now he cannot be seen by our most powerful telescopes which can see over 30 million light years away, he is said to be outside the universe. I cannot wait till the day we prove that he is not in the universe. It is proved that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, this theory, devised by Einstein, has never been rubbished by any scientist. So it would surely take years for us to get there anyway.

    By the way Daniel, thank you for your comment I am glad we have something in common!

  84. Daniel Says:

    Well, if God truly does exist, which he doesn’t. He sucks.

  85. kennedy Says:

    i watched the vidio and it is amazing how much it opened my eyes thank you

  86. Daniel Says:

    Well, I use laminin as an argument for the stupidity of christians.

  87. jake Says:

    you guys are crazy, how could you possibly think that the symbol is a sign of god. laminin is cross shaped to maximize the surface area and still maintain a strong structured shape. if god could make the world cross shape why doesnt he? well? your argument that laminin proves god exists is a joke, and the only evidence that god exists is a fictional book, if we take it that god exists from a book do MR men exist no! they dont!

  88. JustMe Says:

    I’m trying to understand God but while here on earth, I won’t ever understand Him fully. He is God!! Not human like me – He is more!! He thinks greater things than I do! And God definitely is not lazy! Nature speaks for itself… (And for sure I don’t have all the knowledge, but just from what I know of Geography I can tell that a cross shaped earth just wouldn’t work out, right? (So in actual fact you (we as humans) want to see how it won’t work your (our) way..? Hay, it seems as if you want things your way. Well, as you want your way, God wants His way! And if your boss wants something done the way he wants it to be done, can you do what you want? I guess not… So, God – who is highly creative as you can see in nature – wants to do things the way He wants to do it! So let Him! What you see is who He is…)

    Hay, don’t worry He doesn’t only have to show it to atheists! He has to show His existence to many, many people – including some Christians and ‘so-called’ Christians… Actually He is showing it, but WE don’t see it and/or want to ignore it…

    And… I don’t believe in God because there’s a cross shaped cell in my body! The thing is, it’s so cool that God who says He’s with you through good times and bad

    …Times when you feel so drained you just can’t go any further, times where friends stab you in your back and family/parents turn their back on you, times where the one you truly loved leave you without real reason, times when you feel so alone…

    He’s with you where ever you go – He keeps you standing… And Biology wise: “Hay, there’s a cell in my body that keeps my skin from falling off my body when I jump up! And when I open my mouth, my teeth – it aren’t falling out!! It’s being hold together. And the cell’s shape is a cross. I’m amazed, wow. (NOW it makes me think about what He said: in Him all things hold together.) Why is it not a different shape? Oh well, I guess the Creator wanted to create it this way!”

  89. Susana Says:

    This is so ridiculous. I suppose they think that this molecule is always in it’s upright and locked position? What if it’s upside down, what does that say about what holds us together? It’s shaped that way because it is most efficient for that particular function. You could probably find a protein of almost any shape you wanted to in the human body…

  90. JustMe Says:

    “It’s shaped that way because it is most efficient for that particular function.” A very import function indeed!

  91. Julie Says:

    Bartlettman, Peter, Daniel, Jake, Susana and any other that I might have missed. I have a question. What is with the need to seek out believers and try to dampen their joy? Are you trying to convert someone? To what? What does your philosophy have to offer anyone? What “joy” do you experience believing that life has no purpose other than feeding the worms when you die? I know that you feel intellectually superior coming on here and making denigrating remarks about in what some people find joy. However, to me you’re just arrogant and small-minded. Rather than brilliant or knowledgeable, you’re just coming across as angry, cold, hard, and callous…with no true purpose in your lives so you seek out to disparage others (I was going to make the analogy of the gunman who goes to a public place and takes out his rage on the world by shooting a bunch of innocent people. However, that seemed a little harsh ;-) I will also share that, from what I see, you definitely do not have God in your lives and it shows. You have my pity.

    And for the record, I’m not a young Earth creationist who necessarily thinks God made laminim in the shape of a cross to prove his existence (although it’s pretty cool for a Christian, for sure!). I see the likes of you wherever I go and see someone writing something about God and whatever happiness that brings in his/her life. Let me just suggest that, until you have something better to bring to the table than a relationship with the all-powerful, maybe you should just stick with the atheist sites so you all can be miserable and “smart” together. You have nothing to offer here.

  92. Babe Says:

    Many religious and non-religious who have made highly opinionated comments so far are rather ignorant (whether it be about religion or science). The shape of laminin does not prove the existence of Christ (though it is a nice parallel). The fact that it was well chosen (by our Lord) to be used for strength in the human body is, though. Those who directly deny the existence of the Lord are highly ignorant as well. There are many proofs in the field of science pointing directly to the Lord. The fact that there is order in the universe is obvious proof. The natural order is chaos (law of entropy). Who is keeping it all together? True, factual science has never disproved the existence of a God. The fact that many confused people jumped on something that proved nothing (e.g. laminin’s shape) doesn’t prove Christians are stupid or that God does not exist.

    The ones who jumped on the shape of laminin should not despair. The proof of the Lord will come. And none will deny it. But this proves nothing except that our bodies were well structured by a supreme being.

    I know that our God does exist. Christ did die for us and his suffering was not only performed on the cross, but in the Garden of Gethsemane. He did many things for everyone’s well being, and no one will be able to deny it one day.

    Christ does not need a crossed protein to prove his existence.

    I suggest we all continue to study and search for the truth in all things.

  93. Souradeep Says:

    The man in the video said it himself, there are hundreds of thousands of protiens holding out body together. One is shaped like a cross, so what? There are countless other shapes, laminin was a product of evolution, our bodies evolved it because it was the best shape for the function it achieves.

    Also, to babe, you directly contradict yourself “The shape of laminin does not prove the existence of Christ The fact that it was well chosen (by our Lord) to be used for strength in the human body is, though” Other than the shape of laminin, what makes you think that it was chosen by the lord? If the shape of it does not prove that god exists then what are you arguing for? If not for the shape, what makes laminin different from any other protien substrate in our bodies? Also what proofs are there in the field of science that God exists?

    One by one the so called facts that religion proposed are being whittled away by the ever advancing might of science. The bible says something to the extent of that we are the centre of the universe, we however are not and we revolve around a body that is bigger than us, and the sun revolves around something that is bigger than it.These are the clear cut laws of physics.

    I agree that christ does not need a crossed protein to prove his existence, the truth is that God or christ needs a much bigger phenomenon to prove himself. Maybe a cross shaped planet would do, but of course that would disobey the laws of physics, because it would form itself ino a regular shape around the biggest component of the planet, making a sphere.

    If god is truly all powerful, he should give us all a sign that would not question his existance, if he was all good, then he would not let suffering happen on this planet, and if he was all knowing then he should have seen the lack of faith in christianity (and to be fair, all major religions)to come and done something about it. The fact is that nothing but a clear cut sign, not a small bit of protein mixed with countless others,not a galaxy millions upon millions of miles away,but a clear sign that no one may question may sway most of us to theisim now, There is no other way.

    People are now starting to take religion as a joke instead of seriously, in a recent census in Great Britian, about 400,000 people said their religion was Jedi. If god wants to turn these people back, send a proper sign, not a protein that is about 100nm wide.

  94. Gayleen Says:

    Thanks Louie for being obedient to our Abba Father. Through you many people now really believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is truly wonderful and indiscribable of how God has created everything. I just love laminin too!!!
    Glory to God alone for He is magnificent and Sovereign.

  95. Souradeep Says:

    To Drew

    Is that the best counter arguement you can come up with? Have the “brilliant arguements” for gods’ existance crumbled into nothing but a childish trait of rolling ones eyes at an arguement? I present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the modern day theist, one who is unable to say anything in the face of science.

  96. Kimberly Says:

    I just watched the same video tonight at my church. As soon as I came home I was like I’m totally googling laminin! That’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever heard and gives hope to the hopeless. It just truly confirms how great our God is and how much He really cares even when you wonder if He still does. It’s AMAZING! No matter what any scientist or person with some thoery wants to say against this…God is still an awesome God…they’ll see one day…hopefully it won’t be too late…

  97. JustMe Says:

    Dear Souradeep

    “If god is truly all powerful, he should give us all a sign that would not question his existance, if he was all good, then he would not let suffering happen on this planet, and if he was all knowing then he should have seen the lack of faith in christianity (and to be fair, all major religions)to come and done something about it.”

    God did do something… He created earth/nature and the human being. (Thought: can anyone create any of these? ‘Only someone truly powerful can do this then’, I would think.) The human being actually saw God. (Thought: He was there – from the beginning and not hiding/not revealing Himself to man) The human being disobeyed an order given by God. A wrong move was made by the human being. (Thought: God called the human being, but the human being was scared and ashamed. The human being was the one hiding from God. ‘The human made the mistake’, I would say.)

    Despite all other bad stuff that happens in the world, one might think working is something one shouldn’t do? Perhaps one think that you must live a life easy going, no work, no paymens of goods etc. But this all came when the human disobeyed. (Thought: Bad things happenening around us, within us and with others will happen untill it’s ended – someday. Why? one might ask… Because God punished the wrong deed. Unfortunately, intimacy between God and human became impossible; physically the human would be working on earth and pregnancy will be hard; and emotionally the woman was punished by yearning for her husband and to be dominated by him.)

    Furthermore, God shows mercy and let the human live. He understands love. (Thought: Should He had killed the human it would’ve meant that He did not love those He created. Instead He forgives.)

    More disobeyment happens, violance took place and eventually murder. And God actually decides to bring and end to all these bad things people do. (Thought: He, being the Creator, has the right to bring His creation to an end should it not happen according to its purpose.) However, He decides to destroy all except for a family (because the husband lived very closely to God and was a righteous man) and the animals. (Thought: God did not forget about His creation! He still wanted to keep it up.)

    One would feel optimistic and that everything from now on will be well, but unfortunately that did not happen. Things went so wrong that eventually God himself came to live on earth – as a human being. He felt hurt, was mocked, friends turned their back on Him, He even cried about His friend being dead. He cried and did not want to go through pain. He knew God – He prayed, a lot! He did not want to go through suffering. Yet, He was crucified. Why? Because he sinned/did wrong? No! He CAME again to the human – and this being the sign then – to say and show how one should live for God – the One who loves us dearly. The One who don’t want us to be hurt. But, some people did not believe what He said then. They did not want to. Others did though; others believed. Like today.

    And He does see a lack in love, and trust in Him. And He does see poeple saying they are christians but they don’t act accordingly. (Then why do they say they are christians if they don’t live by it?, I’m asking.) And I so which there never was sin in the world!! Man, it would’ve been a great place! We do make mistakes – by nature. But I’m sure – I know – God forgives. He will forgive me for doing wrong. And I pray for His mercy. I pray that He will forgive me. And He accepts everyone just as we are. Whether we/you love Him or not yet. He WILL accept you! Hay, He created you!

    He’s not far… You can speak (in silence if you wish) He hears everything you say, perhaps not respond always as one wishes, but hears you and He wants to give you the best possible…

    Read the following. Should you feel to mean it from your heart I ask that Lord Jesus will bless you even more.

    Lord, I sin… please forgive me. I need you… please work in my heart, soul and mind. Renew my thoughts. Let me accept You as my Lord and Saviour who saves me from a fallen world. Thank you for giving me a brand new start. Today I want to open my life to you. Let me open my life more to You Lord. I am a child of Yours!

  98. Bill Thomas Says:

    Praise God! I just saw this tonight for the first time. What a wonderful rebutal to all those evolutionsist out there. God is awesome, and anyone who does not believe, the very cross that holds you together is the very cross that carries you through this momentary journey on earth. All I can say is WOW, I am awestruck!!!


  100. MR OJT Says:

    We trully do serve and AWESOME GOD…i to was blown away by GODS work….i look forward to eternal life side by side with our HEAVENLY father, who sent his only son to die for us…that is LOVE…!!! Blessed is he, the CREATOR of all things….that is ASTONOMICAL GRACE

  101. Daniel Says:

    Julie Says:

    Let me just suggest that, until you have something better to bring to the table than a relationship with the all-powerful, maybe you should just stick with the atheist sites so you all can be miserable and “smart” together. You have nothing to offer here.

    I offer truth.

  102. JustMe Says:

    I hope we share this truth: Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth, and the life: no man will cometh unto the Father, but by Jesus

  103. Zach Morgan Says:

    Okay folks, joke’s over. I just read through every one of the comments. Most of them are poes. For examples, see 1,2,3,..,104 as well as the original post.

  104. ronsworld Says:

    Poe’s Law concerns internet debates, particularly regarding religion or politics.

    “Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is impossible to create a parody of Fundamentalism that SOMEONE won’t mistake for the real thing.”

    In other words, No matter how bizzare, outrageous, or just plain idiotic a parody of a Fundamentalist may seem, there will always be someone who cannot tell that it is a parody, having seen similar REAL ideas from real religious/political Fundamentalists.

    Not a poe Zach- ron

  105. Zach Morgan Says:

    I know, Ron. Thanks for responding.

    It seems that this post meant as an argument, but instead to point out some cool phenomena. I’m sure it’s all mental though. Here are some things to consider:

    Astronomical images tend to be in false color. You can compare these two images for example. The very skewed cross might just appear in a very narrow spectrum.

    Also, this image is awfully blurry, while our telescopes tend to get bigger and better all the time. In 50 years, or whenever their resolution becomes high enough, could you honestly expect to see a more detailed silhouette of a person?

    Also: Proteins are flexible structures. They can be pretty much any shape. Almost like spaghetti and meatballs.

  106. Eriqa Hanson Says:

    I just watched Louie’s How Great is our God and i was crying through out the whole thing. Times have been hard on me lately, as hard on a middle schooler, and after hearing how God holds you in his hand and how much He loves us it was amazing. The laminin molecule was the most amazing thing because it literally shows that God and Jesus are what is keeping us held together and its not because we evolved. God does everything for a reason and I think He wanted me to see this because now I’m a true believer and always will be. I love You Jesus!

  107. Souradeep Says:

    Dear JustMe

    Let me tell you a secret. I would dearly and truthfully love to believe in God, make no mistake I would love him dearly as a father and creator. But when I step outside my house and look around or turn on the TV and look at the news all I see is murder, rape, theft, greedy people who have no other motive in life than to become rich. And then I see the poor. Homeless, poverty stricken, without food, water, electricity or sometimes even a toilet. I think to myself, what kind of God would let this happen? What kind of a God would let sinners sin more and let children who have not had a chance to sin be cast into a life of misery? Then I look at the scientific breakthroughs that we are accomplishing and I see intelligent people making breakthroughs that let the poor have shelter, food, and water. So that is why I think that Science has usurped God. Science has prevailed where God has left people to suffer. Science teaches us about planets, stars, atoms, everything where God has left us with nothing but the Bible. While the Bible does contain important social values, there is nothing to advance our race, nothing to cure cancer, nothing to fight poverty.Science even provides us with a fairly possible way how we were put here on this planet. The Bible can’t even do this as it holds 2 creation stories ( Genesis V.1 and Genesis V.2 both give differing accounts of the creation) That is why I think Science is now greater than God. I welcome your attempts to prove me wrong.

  108. Cocopuf Says:

    Let’s face it. There are just too many “coincidences” that give us a subtle but sure HINT of a designed creation. The Bible Codes, Laminin, everything around us (fish, birds, the human eye, the single cell, flowers, leaves, ……. ). Whether you look up to the sky or look down using a microscope, you can see and feel the beauty of your creator all around you trying to tell you something. ONLY the fool says to his heart that there is no God.

    All the suffering we have here on Earth is because we are all under the influence of Satan. Satan is in control here on Earth whether you realize it or not, and he is trying very hard to control our lives with all the temptations so that we will doubt God’s Word. It took me over forty years AND a wake up call from God.

    The original Bible (OT and NT) (The Scriptures) says it all. Christ is in the Old Testament hidden and Christ is in the New Testament revealed. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and is the answer to save ourselves.

    It is YOUR PERSONAL relationship with Christ that can turn your life and eternal destiny around. Please, just do it. Will you?


  109. JustMe Says:

    Hi Souradeep

    I’m happy to hear from you and happy to know that you’ll love your maker! Our Maker! I’d also like to share the following with you…

    Something I’ve learnt was that WE make decisions. We make choices everyday – both good and bad ones. Yes, I agree with you; we are living in a messed-up place. But is it not because we make it so? Is it not because of our selfishness that poor stay poor? Are we offering a hand to those in need (needs of any kind i.e. food, clothing, work related assistance/matters, opening the door for the lady on crutches etc.)? Do we help others when we know we can / know it’s possible to offer assistance? Are we trying to actually be the ‘good’ person? Or are we too part of the ‘messed up’ world?

    “What kind of (g)od would let this happen?” A god without love; a god who doesn’t care; a god not wanting to live through people.

    What kind of God would not let this happen? A God with love; a God who cares; a God who would like to change people’s thinking; a God living in the lives, heart and mind of people. Such a God changes a person’s heart, mind and soul. He changes a person to be more like Him. And then… then it’s our decision/choice. Are we going to live this love; are we going to share this love. If not, people will start to think there is no God…

    You mentioned the following: “let children who have not had a chance to sin be cast into a life of misery”. Is it for example the child born with a hazardous sickness, the one who was brought up by an unmarried single parent? I promise you that God does care for them too. And they’ll hear about God, somehow. And then they will have a chance to decide what’s right. Unfortunately the parents (or should I say those to whom the child has been a responsibility) placed the child in that situation – they made a choice; a wrong one… And now people blame God… I don’t think we should.

    There are so many things in the Bible that we can learn from; especially about nature. Should you have a Bible go and read the book Job chapters 38 & 39. And then, God is a GOD. He knows best, we don’t – we can’t see the bigger picture. We don’t always understand things happening; we don’t have the answers which we sometimes wish to have. And for some things we’ll never have the answers – maybe one day. God understands – luckily. Do we want to tell the Creator what to do? Do we want to show Him the right way?? Do we want to keep on fighting with God; do we have all the answers? Let the Creator have His way – He knows best…

    What is (your) choice?

  110. Pete Says:

    JustMe, as usual your comment was long winded, unhelpful and proved nothing.

    You mentioned how it if a child is born sick and neglected by it’s parents, then it is the fault of the parents as it is their responsibility. However if God is our “creator”, “maker” or whatever fancy yet meaningless name you wish to give this hypothetical idea, surely it is also his responsibilty to look after the poor and sick as he is the “father” and should look out for his children.

    This is just one small flaw of many in your predictible and sentimental waffle. Of course, you are likely to come up with some ridiculous reply; stating how God moves in mystertious ways and that it’s our fault for not looking after the poor, despite even with all the wealth of the West as we know it, the starving people of Africa could not be saved.

    There is no evidence whatsoever of an existance of a god. This “proof” of God’s existance via laminin is like saying: “We know Santa Claus exists because if you look at the carboxyhaemoglobin in our blood from a funny angle, it looks a little bit like a sleigh!”

    I would be delighted if anyone could intelligently find proof of the existance of a god. I could then give him a dressing down for the stuff he lets happen in this cold world.

  111. wake up people Says:

    If I stand upright and put my arms out to the side ,
    I make a “cross” too, Isn’t that amazing?

  112. DENNELEY Says:


  113. Bennie van der Merwe Says:

    I gave my life to Jesus about 8 months ago. I always knew about Jesus, but it took me 44 years to realise that it is only God that can help you. It is 02h30 in the morning in a very cold Cape Town South Africa.My brother bought
    Louie’s DVD today and I have just finish
    watching it. How GREAT is our GOD. Thank
    you LORD that you gave us the blood of
    Your Son to save us as humanbeings.

  114. Timothy Says:

    Thanks BE TO GOD!

  115. Hannah Says:

    isn’t god very great? He made a very important component in our body shaped like a cross where he died on. iT’S LIKE LAMININ IS GOD AND THE TISSUES ARE US. WITHOUT GOD, WE WILL PERISH ABD HAVE NO PEACE.

  116. louise Says:

    How great is our God!! it is wonderful to learn new things that just blow your mind about God. He is awesome. I recently learned that the ancient Hebrew letter (hey) that means the “breathe of God” looks like laminin too! this gives Gen 2:7 a whole deeper meaning: He breathed into his nostrils the breathe of life, and man became a living being.

  117. sphume Says:

    amazing i won a dvd from bible talk, and i did think, that it will revive me so much wow. SPHUME(SOUTH AFRICA- DBN)

  118. Wesley strimple Says:

    I keep showing this to others here at harbor light Salvation army 2136 champs st Denver Colorado 80205 if possible send a video so I can share its sprite filled glory in are recover from are addiction and spiritual growth god bless you if you can if not keep up the Christian fight for love and convection

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