A Little Longer

January 19, 2010


November 11, 2009

God’s Chisel

October 2, 2009

Jeremy Blount shared this one with me.  Thanks man.

Wanting More of God

August 21, 2009

So Paul put it best when he described in Romans 5:18-23 of how we “groan” inside these “tents” (2 Corinthians 5:1-5). Where we long for more of God and long to experience more of Him and our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak. Our spirit  just hits the “ceiling” of this body  it’s trapped in. But we want more-to break free.  

Charles Spurgeon describes it like this:
The Christian man in the present state is like a bird in a cage: his body imprisons his soul. His spirit, it is true, ranges heaven and earth, and laughs at the limits of matter, space, and time; but for all that, the flesh is a poor scabbard unworthy of the glittering soul, a mean cottage unfit for a princely spirit, a clog, a burden, and a fetter. When we would watch and pray, we find full often that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. “We that are in this body do groan.” The fact is, we are caged birds; but the day cometh when the great Master shall open the cage door, and release his prisoners. We need not dread the act of unfastening the door, for it will give to our soul the liberty for which it only pines, and then, with the wings of a dove, covered with silver, and its feathers with yellow gold, though aforetime it had lien among the pots, it will soar into its native air, singing all the way with a rapture beyond imagination… How often does my soul feel like an unhatched chick, shut up within a narrow shell, in darkness and discomfort! The life within labors hard to chip and break the shell, to know a little more of the great universe of truth, and see in clearer light the infinite of divine love. Oh, happy day, when the shell shall be broken, and the soul, complete in the image of Christ, shall enter into the freedom for which she is preparing! We look for that, and we shall have it. God, who gave us to aspire to holiness and spirituality and to likeness to himself, never implanted those aspirations in us out of mockery. He meant to gratify these holy longings, or, else, he would not have excited them. Ere long we shall depart—that is, we shall be set free to go in peace.

Waiting Faithfully

August 20, 2009

Wow it’s been 2 months since I’ve written anything here.  Busy summer for me.  Praying for direction right now as things seem to be in limbo with a few opportunities in front of me concerning different areas of ministry in my church.  Waiting for God’s direction is so tough.  Patience is not one of my gifts.  But I wait faithfully.  Worship and Bible study have been pretty good this summer.  Going through Luke with Matt Chandler’s podcast.  Great stuff.  I love learning something new from the Bible after I thought I’ve heard and known it all.  Great new music too.

Check These Guys Out!

June 27, 2009

If you haven’t heard John Piper preach or Matt Chandler preach then you have to check out a sample.  These guys are challenging and passionate about Christ.


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